Grits and ceramic inks, the products that make the difference

The ceramic industry has developed exponentially in recent years thanks to the progressive evolution of some specific processes and products. These products (such as inks, grits, glazes, digital effects, etc …) have to be developed according to the requirements of the current technologies available on the market and they are essential for maintaining the high…

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Ceramic colors trends for 2021

Our lifestyle habits have been revolutionized by the Covid19 pandemic. Our daily life has been absolutely conditioned: our home and its interiors have become even more important, more than they were previously. We can already see these changes in the interior design trends for 2021. Interior design is fundamental for our well-being, both mental and…

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Presidente e responsabile commerciale Sicer

Interview with the President Gianfranco Padovani and the Sales Manager Marco Eumenidi.

Sicer’s 2020 was , despite all the difficulties caused by the pandemic, a year of good results and great satisfaction.The manufacturer and supplier of raw materials for ceramic companies is now one of the world leaders in the design, production and distribution of special chemical products for glazing and decorating ceramic tiles. At the end…

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Decorazioni con terzo fuoco

The origin of Third Firing

Third firing decoration is a ceramic technique used since ancient times applied above all to tableware and objects.The term third firing, in the ceramic field, refers to the third firing that is applied to an object or a tile that has already undergone two phases: First firing of the support or bisque firing Second firing…

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The year 2020 in Sicer: new products, pro-environment policies and constant trust in the future, despite everything.

We can say that 2020 was a difficult and troubled year for the ceramic sector. The President of Confindustria Ceramica, Giovanni Savorani, expressed himself thus in April 2020 regarding the situation caused by the Covid19 pandemic: “For ceramic sector, it is the most serious crisis in history, lost foreign market shares, absurd lockdown on Ateco…

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The power of color in the ceramic world

If the ceramic surfaces on the one hand reinterpret and highlight the characteristics of materials such as marble, wood, concrete or metals, on the other many collections are the result of research based on the expressive power of color that follows the suggestions coming from the world of fashion and interior design. Each company in…

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Grits: chemistry in support of beauty and differentiation

Ceramic grits is made up of glass particles, with a precise particle size distribution, which are applied on a ceramic surface to obtain different effects through appropriate firing. What distinguishes the different ceramic grits is not only the particle size distribution, but also the origin of the raw materials and the composition. This significantly influences…

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Ceramic glazes: the chemical component!

Ceramic glaze or glaze for ceramic is a fusible inorganic coating that is fixed on the ceramic at high temperature (from 800 to 1250 °). It is a glass-based substance and it can be of any type of color. The composition of ceramic glazes The basic component of any vitreous substance is silica (the vitrifying…

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Glossario della ceramica Sicer

Sicer Ceramics Glossary: ​​a list of the most common terms used in the ceramic industry.

Discover the wide world of the ceramic tile companies and suppliers of raw materials by scrolling through the categories of greatest interest. Ceramic additives Degreaser: Degreasers decrease the plasticity of the clay giving it stability. The silica gives the mixture an acid character and the chamotte maintains its characteristics unchanged. Characteristics of ceramics Abrasion: Characteristic…

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