Tecnica e segreti della ceramica raku

Raku Ceramics: the secrets and techniques of ceramic decoration

Raku ceramics firing: the technique coming from the east Raku ceramics, linked to the oriental tea tradition, is experiencing a second life in these years. Raku ceramics objects are increasingly sought after by all those who love to have elements with a minimalist but refined design at home. The art of raku ceramics is based…

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Sicer headquarter

Coronavirus and phase 2: challenges and opportunities for Sicer

CORONAVIRUS AND PHASE 2: THE CHALLENGES AND DIFFICULTIES OF THE ITALIAN ECONOMY AND COMPANIES The economic crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic could be worse than the Great Depression. The definitive word comes from the International Monetary Fund, precisely from Gita Gopinath, Economic Counselor and Director of Research Department of the IMF. World GDP, this…

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The art of Ceramic Pigments for Digital Inks

Ceramic pigments are special solids, reduced to particles that can be colorful, black or white. These elements are widely used to color tiles, tableware, sanitary ware, glazes and glass and they are mainly used by producers of raw materials and semi-finished products for the ceramic industry. The ceramic pigment, basically, gives the color and does…

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Patented low emission series: a concrete answer to the fight against pollution

THE STATUS OF WORLD POLLUTION  The European Environment Agency confirms that air pollution is one of the most problematic issues of our day, which requires changes in terms of management and mitigation of harmful pollutants. Reducing the harmful substances present in the air has now become an imperative: pollution, in fact, has important negative effects…

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