Technological innovation and continuous training: the winning combination for companies of the future

In an ever-changing world, where technology is evolving at such a rapid pace and competition is becoming increasingly fierce, companies that want to thrive must necessarily embrace technological innovation. However, for technological innovation to be successful, it is essential to invest in employee training. These new resources are not just simple tools, but require specific…

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Sicer and the UN 2030 Agenda

The environmental issue has become part of our everyday life. Whether small or large daily gestures, private citizens or large corporate or political decision boards, global warming is affecting everyone, at every level. Establishing a priority scale in dealing with this problem is extremely complex and there is certainly no one-size-fits-all solution, which is why…

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SILKY ROCK SURFACES: Sicer’s innovative solution for anti-slip ceramic surfaces

In today’s hectic world, safety has become an absolute priority, especially when it comes to the environments in which we live and work. The statistics on domestic accidents and injuries caused by accidental slips, especially on slippery surfaces, are alarming. Sicer has chosen to research an innovative solution that can revolutionize the concept of anti-slip…

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How digital inks are revolutionizing the ceramic industry

Ceramics is an ancient art that has evolved over centuries, embracing new technologies and decoration techniques. Among the various innovations that have profoundly transformed the ceramics industry, digital inks hold a prominent position. Where ceramic printing was once limited to traditional techniques such as screen printing and offset printing, digital inks have opened doors to…

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Ceramic decoration: the use of Sicer grits

Today, thanks to the several application and use possibilities, ceramic grits are one of the most versatile and interesting product families in the whole ceramic sector. Sicer currently produces a wide range of grits and micro-grits in all its production plants, both in Italy and abroad. Their quality, result of constant research, allows the world’s…

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Ecological glue: the future is green, even in the world of ceramics

The attention to the environment is one of the main objectives for the future of Sicer. In this historical moment in which the world requires companies to be protagonists in regenerating society and the planet, the Digital R&D Lab of Sicer proposes a generation of digital glues . LE LOW EMISSION, eco-solvent based and a…

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Floor and wall coverings trends 2022: the most popular materials and colors

The latest trends for 2022 in terms of floors and walls are partly a confirmation of last year’s trends but also present interesting novelties and new moods. Colors, materials, finishes and formats are increasingly varied and the search for the most suitable ones for your project is even more exciting. After all, the floor is…

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Fight against climate change and sustainability: Sicer’s answer

G20 in Rome and COP26 in Glasgow: the international events at the end of 2021 in support of the environment It is the most discussed topic of the moment: our planet has a fever. Climate change and environmental protection policies are among the crucial challenges that all of us will face in the coming decades.…

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