Next Experience Surfaces and Silky Rock Surfaces by Sicer: the evolution of ceramic surfaces

In the world of contemporary design, ceramic tiles are undisputed protagonists, thanks to their ability to combine aesthetics and functionality. Among the latest trends, textured surfaces stand out, soft and very pleasant to the touch, which conquer architects and designers for their charm and high technical performance, becoming a real must-have for those who want refined and characterful environments. Far from being simple “tiles”, these creations rise to the rank of real works of art, capable of shaping the space and defining the atmosphere with an unparalleled expressive force. Their decorative power brings them closer to art and sculpture, giving walls and floors a three-dimensionality and tactility that involve all the senses. Another highly topical trend is non-slip flooring. In some specific contexts such as outdoor environments or indoor environments such as bathrooms and kitchens, the choice of tiles must take into account not only aesthetic criteria but also technical and application characteristics that limit the risks of falls and slips, both in the domestic and public spheres. Another highly topical trend is anti-slip flooring. In some specific contexts such as outdoor environments or indoor environments such as bathrooms and kitchens, the choice of ceramic tiles has to take into account not only aesthetic criteria but also technical and application characteristics that limit the risks of falls and slips, both in the domestic and public spheres.

In this regard, Sicer‘s Technology Lab has developed two innovative solutions that can revolutionize the concept of textured and non-slip ceramic tiles: NEXT EXPERIENCE SURFACES and SILKY ROCK SURFACES. In this article, we will discover the technical characteristics, applications and regulations that these new proposals from the historic manufacturer and supplier of raw materials for ceramic companies of Ubersetto must meet.

NEXT EXPERIENCE SURFACES: Surfaces that excite, performance that lasts


NEXT EXPERIENCE SURFACES is the result of a research and development process conducted with passion and scientific rigor by Sicer‘s Technology Lab, which has made it possible to raise the standards of textured surfaces. Thanks to the expertise and constant innovation of Sicer’s laboratories, NEXT EXPERIENCE SURFACES offers a unique combination of aesthetics, functionality and high performance.

This new product is a special mix of micro grits, with a very fine calibrated grain size, which allows for textured surfaces, totally matt and anti-reflective, with excellent cleanability and resistance to chemicals. A ready-to-use mixture, very easy to prepare and apply. The result is a technical vitrified surface, pleasant to the touch and anti-slip. NEXT EXPERIENCE SURFACES boasts a high slip resistance coefficient (from R10 to R11), making it suitable even for humid environments with heavy traffic. Available in the “READY TO USE” formulation, it is applied quickly and easily, without the need for further preparation.

NEXT EXPERIENCE SURFACES: A world of limitless creativity


The new NEXT EXPERIENCE SURFACES micro-grit range opens up a universe of creative possibilities for creating unique and inimitable ceramic tiles. Thanks to its special formulation, which combines innovative ingredients with a very fine calibrated grain size, NEXT EXPERIENCE SURFACES allows for obtaining an infinite variety of textured and tactile effects, meeting the most diverse needs of interior designers who increasingly demand matt surfaces with a very soft touch effect.

With NEXT EXPERIENCE SURFACES, ceramic tiles can be created that are inspired by natural materials not only in colors and decorations but also in textures. Each ceramic tile becomes a work of art, capable of giving environments a strong character and an unmistakable personality, where the sense of touch is continuously stimulated and involved.

SILKY ROCK SURFACES anti-slip ceramic surfaces: where safety and design meet


In the world of modern ceramics, the search for solutions that perfectly combine functionality and aesthetics has become an absolute priority. Anti-slip ceramic tiles are an emblematic example of this combination, offering floors and coverings that are not only safe but also capable of giving environments a unique charm. In this panorama, Sicer‘s Technology Lab stands out for its continuous innovation, developing the revolutionary SILKY ROCK SURFACES solution. This solution allows for the creation of anti-slip surfaces certified by MAZAUD tests, with a great aesthetic impact, meeting the highest needs in terms of design and safety.

The anti-slip surfaces from R9 to R12 made with SILKY ROCK SURFACES have unique characteristics:

  • High friction coefficient (from R9 to R12): they guarantee a secure grip even in the presence of water, oil or other slippery agents, preventing accidents and falls.
  • MAZAUD certified test.
  • Wear resistance: they ensure a long life even in high traffic areas.
  • Ease of cleaning: the smooth and compact surface makes the ceramic tiles easy to clean and sanitize.
  • High scratch resistance: they maintain their aesthetic appearance over time.
  • Soft and pleasant to the touch surface: they give a unique comfort to the flooring.

A customizable formula based on the customer’s needs, calibrated and modular for an anti-slip finish from R9 to R12. This new range is applicable both to airless and with the new application technologies and it guarantees solutions adaptable to any ceramic production environment.

Thanks to its versatility, this solution is perfectly suited for:

  • Bathrooms: shower areas, bathtubs and wet areas in general.
  • Kitchens: floors and work areas.
  • Outdoor spaces: terraces, balconies, pool edges and flooring in general.
  • Public spaces: shopping centers, restaurants, hotels and offices.

Sicer: the ideal partner for the world’s leading tile manufacturers

Sicer confirms its leadership in the ceramic tile sector, offering professionals innovative and reliable solutions. The high technical level of the products, the attention to innovation and aesthetic research, together with customized assistance, make Sicer the ideal partner for the world’s leading ceramic tile manufacturers.

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