The power of color in the ceramic world

If the ceramic surfaces on the one hand reinterpret and highlight the characteristics of materials such as marble, wood, concrete or metals, on the other many collections are the result of research based on the expressive power of color that follows the suggestions coming from the world of fashion and interior design.

Each company in the ceramic sector interprets in its own way the inputs that the world of fashion and design systems dictate, giving architects and designers a surprising number of solutions in line with the latest trends to create environments rich in personality.

Color is one of the most important, fascinating and powerful elements of the ceramic world.

The psychology of color

Colors affect our moods and condition psycho-physical health, even science says so. One of the first to affirm the importance of color on the psychological state was Faber Birren, an expert who already in 1961 declared that, depending on the personality of each of us, certain shades are able to balance moods.

What “power” do colors have on people?


It suggests a feeling of security and confidence. It is the color of harmony, fidelity and sympathy. It is the coldest color, however it is tied to the concept of spirituality and fantasy.


It increases the heart rate and creates a feeling of urgency, danger or immediacy. It represents love, but also hate. It is the color of happiness and danger. It represents blood and life.


It represents optimism and youth. According to experts in the psychology of color, it is a contradictory color: it represents good and evil, optimism and jealousy, understanding and betrayal.


The color of growth, renewal and rebirth. It is associated with health, nature, freshness and peace. Green also represents money, the economic side and the bourgeoisie.


It is associated with elegance, secret, mystery and power. It also symbolizes the end of something, death, loss.


The white color indicates innocence and purity. It is associated with perfection.


It is used frequently in beauty and anti-aging products. It brings calm.


It is associated with the enthusiasm for shopping, it reflects emotion and warmth.


It symbolizes wonder and courtesy. It is associated with the world of children and romance. It binds to tenderness and all that is small.

Colors and manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials for ceramic companies: an ancient and inseparable combination.

Color is a fundamental element of the ceramic world and for this reason it is necessary to go deeper by asking who are those who today allow constant technical-aesthetic innovation of the final surfaces.

We can find the answer by referring to one of the key players in this world namely manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials for ceramic companies.
The etymology of the name “colorificio” (the Italian word for manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials for ceramic companies) itself derives from the term “color” and this highlights how the bond between the two entities is close.



company which manufactures colors or dyes.

Etymology: ← composed of -color and -ficio.

Color – 1. Natural or artificial substance used for dyeing or painting; 2. Light composed of electromagnetic radiation of a given wavelength (simple objective color) or of various wavelengths (compound color). Fundamentals colors or colors of the iris (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) are simple colors; the compound colors are the complementary colors, those from whose superposition there is white light. The color of a body is determined by the wavelength of the radiation it reflects.

-fìcio [from Latin ficium, from the same theme from which facĕre «do»] – Second element of masculine nouns derived from Latin, or modernly formed on the Latin model, in which it means “processing , manufacturing “and similar (as usually in Latin), or also “place where one works or is manufactured”.

Traditionally, it refers to companies producing glazes, frits, pigments, dyes used throughout the ceramic industry (tiles, tableware, sanitary ware, etc.) and to a lesser extent in the mechanical industry (especially for surface finishes of household appliances and products for the house).

Ceramic land, land of events: manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials for ceramic companies and local initiatives

The manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials for ceramic companies are the real vanguard of the sector.

In the historic ceramic area of ​​Sassuolo this concept is more alive than ever in the mind of the community and, to continue to stimulate the community, there are many events aimed at raising awareness of the activity of the manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials for ceramic companies.

An initiative that takes place every year since 2016, organized by Federchimica Ceramicolor, is “Dinner with color“, in which Sicer also participates constantly.

The associated companies have devised this initiative to allow the local population to experience a moment of fun and sharing on a color theme: an outdoor dinner in which each group is assigned a color with which to invent and create settings, clothes and dishes. From 2020 “Dinner with color” has also become a national contest, with prizes for the best color-themed dish.

Another event that involved manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials for ceramic companies is the “Color Signal” exhibition, inaugurated in 2015 at the PaggeriArte gallery (Modena). In this exhibition, creativity and color met and intertwined.

The exhibition took up the theme of color through the interpretation of artists and designers of the contemporary international scene. In this specific case, reference has been made to topics such as space planning, design, history and the tradition of ceramics are 

In addition to these initiatives, it is worth mentioning the Ceramicolor blog/web magazine: The Sign Of Color.

The portal has color as its main topic and in this space the color is mentioned as images, quotes, ideas and curiosities that allow the reader to discover the world of ceramics and manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials for ceramic companies also through the contribution of artists, architects, photographers, designers.

Sicer special colors: inks become exclusive!

Sicer, deeply linked to the color theme, has in its product portfolio 2 main series of ecological digital inks with excellent technical performance:


– the .LE LOW EMISSION series

Both series have a wide range of colors available and within the series .E there is an exclusive range of digital inks with special and unique colors, the Special Inks (Link:

  • Purple – SCD 021E
  • Cobalt green – SCD 055E
  • Vibrant red – SCD 088E
  • Blue sky – SCD 602E
  • Brilliant yellow – SCD 018E
  • Deep blue – SCD 064E
  • Green – SCD 050E

These ecological inks guarantee excellent results thanks to the broadening of the color gamut and the achievement of unimaginable tonal points. Furthermore, the color rendering is intense and ultra bright in all the different firing temperatures.

Thanks to the “Special Inks” range, among which VIBRANT RED and BRILLANT YELLOW are the masters, Sicer provides the customer with the possibility of creating unique collections, unthinkable for the ceramic world until a few years ago.

Sicer, which has always been sensitive to environmental protection issues, has directed its research towards a new series of inks even more performing in terms of reducing harmful emissions.

The .LE – LOW EMISSION DIGITAL INKS inks are the latest evolution of Sicer Inks research.

They are lubricated and environmentally friendly and most of all have an absent odor component. All this is possible using the latest generation of ultra-refined solvents which still maintain the quality standard unchanged.

The range of .LE inks is made up of “primary” colors and from these it is possible to customize each color.

The colors available for the .LE – Low Emission series:

  • Strong blue – SCD 1062LE
  • Red brown – SCD 1080LE
  • Yellow – SCD 1010LE2
  • Beige – SCD 1044LE
  • Pure Black – SCD1071LE
  • Coffee brown – SCD1081LE
  • Saturated white – SCD1091LE

The company is well aware of the power of color and each ink guarantees a quality and a bright and intense color rendering.

All inks are approved and certified by the best digital machine manufacturers.

Colors and inks for cold digital decoration and for the tableware sector.

The company completes its offer of inks and colors with 2 further series:

  • DEKO INKS range for printing on vitrified surfaces
  • T-INKS range dedicated to the tableware sector

The DEKO INKS series includes pigmented inks for direct printing on vitrified surfaces that do not require the use of any primer (The best yield is obtained in the temperature range between 750 ° C and 850 ° C.).

They have excellent resistance to chemical agents and have good resistance to surface abrasion.

They are very versatile as they allow you to reproduce infinite images on large formats, also allowing deep customization. This feature responds perfectly to current market needs.

The T-INKS series, specific for the tableware sector, is made up of a complete range of digital inks for direct printing on fired or unfired ceramic surfaces.

Furthermore, to meet specific needs of the sector that mainly uses the decal as a means of color transfer, Sicer has also developed a series with UV technology: the T-DEK UV inks.

T-INK and T-DEK UV are perfectly compatible and the color rendering has been optimized to match perfectly in order to achieve perfect color matches.

Sicer, which makes service and technical assistance one of its greatest strengths, creates customized projects for its customers, following them in the development of each product.

Sicer inks are enhanced in different ways according to the production process adopted and the technologies of the different sectors; from the production of porcelain stoneware, to large slabs up to the tableware sector.

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