Floor and wall coverings trends 2022: the most popular materials and colors

The latest trends for 2022 in terms of floors and walls are partly a confirmation of last year’s trends but also present interesting novelties and new moods. Colors, materials, finishes and formats are increasingly varied and the search for the most suitable ones for your project is even more exciting. After all, the floor is a substantial element, which not only has a fundamental function in the architecture of private homes, hotels, restaurants, companies and public places in general, but also significantly affects the overall style. This is why it is very important to know the technical characteristics of the material as well as the aesthetic effect that will be obtained.

The historical-socio-cultural situation in which we live has always radically influenced fashions and style orientations: in the last two years houses have once again become the center of attention, re-becoming the fulcrum of our world. The rules imposed by the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, in fact, prompted us to re-focus on our homes, in the name of relaxation, practicality, resistance, hygiene and style. In continuity with 2021, also for this year the keywords of design are: aesthetics, practicality and environmental sustainability. There is only one material that manages to make all these keywords its own: porcelain stoneware, with its resistance, ease of cleaning and above all with its variety of formats, including maxi slabs and thin thicknesses, textures and finishes capable of reproduce the typical characteristics of materials such as wood, marble or stone.

New finishes and sizes of porcelain stoneware for 2022

Among the confirmations of 2022 there is therefore the widespread use, for floors, of porcelain stoneware in all its finishes and formats.

The trending porcelain stoneware finishes for 2022

Very popular this year are the finishes inspired by the colors of the earth, an expression of a newfound desire for harmony with nature: earthy colors, soft shades of sand, shades of white and grey are the soft and relaxing solutions that are popular now. The trend, therefore, is to choose material and therefore neutral colors, first of all beige, very sought after for bathroom and kitchen floors.

An absolute new entry is black. In particular, in the large-format tiles in polished and sophisticated marquina marble-effect stoneware and in the cement-effect tiles in grey/black color. But also in the classic cementine with geometric patterns in black on a white background, a manifesto of an informal elegance that always works.

Another growing color trend is the wall covering with large-format wallpaper-effect ceramic tiles: from the geometric motifs inspired by the 60s, to the classic floral, to the tropical theme declined in a “jungle” key. For cheerful and colorful coverings, of great impact and with a strong character.

The trending porcelain stoneware sizes for 2022 

On the other hand, as regards the new trends in terms of size, fashion wants floors made of large-sized ceramic tiles practically throughout the house, often also for walls. The goal is to create continuous surfaces, with minimal and almost imperceptible joints. Beautiful to look at and easy to clean, large format ceramic tiles are a must for trendy environments. Let’s see in detail the 2022 trends for floors and walls, room by room.

Materials for floors and walls 2022 room by room

Kitchen floor

The kitchen is one of those rooms in the house that requires particular attention to the type of floor used, due to the presence of humidity and the daily life with which this floor is walked on. But functionality does not exclude elegance, in fact for 2022 the most popular floors for the kitchen contain both of these two characteristics. The best solutions in this sense are ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware; we are talking about two resistant materials, easy to clean and present in many colors.

Bathroom floor

In principle, the measures for the bathroom floor are the same that must be taken into consideration for the kitchen, with the only difference that in the bathroom you can play more with colors and geometric patterns! The only limit is the imagination, it is possible to combine them with the wall coverings or play in contrast, choose them with linear tiles or with an innovative design, as in the case of the mosaic, with which you decide the design to be created and create focus points of the environment itself. A touch of great elegance is given by the herringbone arrangement, with ceramic tiles in dark tones such as black: a strong visual impact, with a refinement and luxury with an evergreen character.

Living room floor

The living room is one of the focal rooms of an apartment, it is the place that is experienced most by the whole family, but also the one in which guests are welcomed: a bit like the business card of the house. The 2022 trends for the living room floor provide practical, simple solutions that recall naturalness. To meet these needs, wood-effect porcelain stoneware is certainly the best type of material to choose; it perfectly imitates natural wood and is available in many color variations.

Bedroom floor

Also in the case of the bedroom, the trends for 2022 focus on neutral colors and natural materials, to recreate a relaxing space, especially in such an intimate corner of the house. The trendiest floors are always wood effect porcelain stoneware and real parquet with planks of different lengths, for an original character, but always with a comfortable mood.

Sicer’s proposals for the latest flooring and wall coverings trends for 2022

Sicer, historic Italian manufacturer and supplier of raw materials for ceramic companies based in Fiorano Modenese, designs, produces and distributes a wide range of raw materials for the ceramic world such as ceramic grits, technical microgrits, digital glues, ceramic frits, digital inks for ceramics, anti-slip glazes, digital materials for ceramics, ceramic pigments that allow the customers to enrich and differentiate the final surfaces to have always unique and exclusive coatings and floors in line with the most current trends.

Sicer at the Indian Ceramics Asia exhibition together with Sicer Inkera

On the occasion of the Indian Ceramics Asia exhibition, held from 6 to 8 April 2022 in Gandhinagar in the Gujarat region, Sicer, in collaboration with Sicer Inkera, presented different solutions for the world of ceramic surfaces in line with the trends of floors and walls for 2022. India is one of the absolute protagonists globally in the ceramic tiles sector: second consumer market and in the export ranking, it is also the second largest producer in the world with 1,320 million square meters produced in 2020 and a consumption of 885 million.

The products presented by Sicer at the Indian Ceramics Asia exhibition were:

Digital structure per infinite structures

DIGITAL STRUCTURE is part of the STRUCTURE series, a set of materials that allows the customer to create infinite structures (woods, cements, etc.) on ceramic directly in the glazing line, with the possibility of matching with digital graphics and colors, regardless of the type of customer plant.

Specifically, DIGITAL-STRUCTURE is a structuring/reserving agent which, digitally applied at the beginning of the glazing line, before or after the glaze, does not allow the materials applied on top to adhere, thus generating material reliefs on the edge. The DIGITAL-STRUCTURE range is dedicated to high resolution anti-reflective surfaces.

DIGITAL-STRUCTURE is available in 2 versions, material or non-material.

  • SDS030 Reserve (non-material): 40-50 g/m2
  • SDS060 Structuring (material): 80 g/m2

GRA DRY-LUX grits for marble-effect surfaces

Sicer‘s exclusive series of GRA DRY-LUX grits has been designed for the production of mirror-lapped surfaces with the application of dry grit on digital glue. These are perfectly transparent and compact grits, designed to guarantee very bright surfaces such as marble, with a precise expansion coefficient, absence of porosity and incredible depth of the glass.

HP series of full colored glass calibrated grits and microgrits

The HP series of full colored glass calibrated grits and microgrits have been carefully designed to ensure absolute stability and intensity of the color inside the ceramic glass. These materials are water repellent and do not fade when diluted in water. HP grits can be mixed with various neutral grits depending on the desired ceramic effect and color.

The HP colored glass calibrated grits are offered in 9 colors with 2 different grain sizes.

The key features of this exclusive series are:

  • Color intensity and depth
  • Color stability
  • Soft non-reflective effect
  • Vitrified and water repellent color
  • Possibility of generating customized mixtures with colored and neutral grits of the same particle size (HPX series).

The second generation of the patented .LE LOW EMISSION series by Sicer

The patented second generation .LE represents the latest evolution of Sicer’s Digital R&D research aimed at obtaining products with very low environmental impact. Composed of inks, effects and digital glues, the second generation .LE is a set of lubricated, environmentally friendly and patented products, with an absent odor component and a significant reduction in harmful emissions compared to the best eco-inks on the market today.

This new series of solvent-based .LE digital products, compared to the best ester-based inks on the market today, guarantees significant results. All data was collected by certification bodies that analyzed the emissions produced during the ceramic production cycle:

  • -70% odoriferous units
  • -60% formaldehyde
  • -50% of aldehydes
  • -50% of VOC
  • -20% -25% of COT (total organic carbon)

The entire range of products has been approved and certified by the best manufacturers of digital machines.

Sicer’s goal for 2022 is once again confirmed to be a point of reference and a solid partner for its customers in the realization of unique projects in line with current trends.