Cersaie 2022: all news from the exhibition in Bologna for floors and walls

The 39th edition of Cersaie, the international exhibition of ceramics for architecture and bathroom furnishings, which was held at BolognaFiere from 26 to 30 September, was a success, as shown by the numbers disclosed. In the fifteen entirely occupied pavilions of Bologna exhibition center, 624 companies exhibited, of which 354 in the ceramic tile sector, 88 in the bathroom furnishings, 183 belonging to the sectors of installation, raw materials, new surfaces and service activities. An exhibition with a strong international connotation, confirmed by the 237 foreign exhibitors – equal to 38% of the total – and by the 26 countries represented. Cersaie 2022 recorded 91.296 visitors during the five days of the exhibition, with an increase of about + 50% compared to last year’s edition, which marked one of the first returns of a major exhibition in the difficult post – pandemic period. Therefore, the levels of 2019 are approaching, when 112.340 entries were reached. Attendance from abroad in this edition amounted to 44.215, or 48.4% of the total, while Italian visitors were 47.081.

“I am convinced that the investments made by the 624 exhibitors of Cersaie 2022 have had the best possible return from an exhibition that has confirmed its national and international importance among distributors, architects, installers, real estate operators”, declares Giovanni Savorani, President of Confindustria Ceramica. “Ceramic continues to increase its shares on international markets thanks to the intrinsic characteristics of the product, such as healthiness, hygiene and durability. The commitment to the sustainability of Italian ceramics was the leitmotif of the entire event and was also concretely reflected in the meeting, held at the exhibition, with regional and territorial institutions to monitor the progress and results of the agreement volunteer on the containment of district emissions. The energy transition that we have started must not be thwarted by the dramatic consequences of the crisis on the energy markets, which requires urgent action at European and national level, as we have been able to represent to the various politicians and institutions who have come to visit us in exhibition”.

Emilio Mussini, Vice President of Confindustria Ceramica at the helm of Promotional Activities and Fairs, summarized the extensive program of events that characterized this edition of Cersaie. “There were over 2.000 participants in the four meetings of the ‘build, live, think’ program, 23 cafés of the press held in live streaming and in presence during the five days of the exhibition; we recorded a continuous flow of visits to the Città della Posa. Over 200 operators from Europe, North America and the Gulf area made up the Cersaie Business delegation, made possible thanks to the precious collaboration with MAECI and ICE ”.

At Cersaie 2022 between ceramics and design

Ceramic is an extremely versatile material, capable of perfectly marrying all indoor and outdoor styles, enhancing the spaces of the house. A feature that was appreciated in the context of Cersaie 2022 thanks to the multiplicity of exhibition spaces that showed the latest design trends characterized by vivid colors and an enveloping atmosphere. Specifically, the exhibition offered the opportunity to closely appreciate the most varied characteristics of ceramics such as shapes, thicknesses, formats, surfaces, finishes, colors and decorations, applications and laying patterns, embracing all the news in the sector.

Cersaie 2022 trends for ceramic floors and walls

At Cersaie, ceramics are always greener and more vital. The keywords of the 2022 edition were: sustainability, procurement of raw materials and energy. Beyond the environmental theme, the color that confirms itself as in the two previous editions, the decoration that mimics nature bringing it into the home environment in particular, the large or extra small sizes; and again the combinations of different styles, the dialogue between classic, tradition and contemporaneity. In 2022, the ceramic tile went even further, creating surprising visual and tactile effects of which the old ceramic is just a memory.

Materials and colors inspired by nature

As for this year’s trends in the ranges of ceramic materials and colors, the theme of nature is raging, with vegetal and floral patterns, rounded shapes and colors that recall the earth, wood, stone and rustic effects, which make us feel safe inside our homes; however, there is no lack of hi-tech effects and some hints of bright color.

Space for color at Cersaie 2022

The desire for color has infected the world of ceramics by invading the pavilions of Cersaie 2022. It was enough to take a tour of the stands set up by the big brands and niche manufacturers devoted to design to discover how the chromatic energy of colored ceramic tiles has become a precious ingredient to revive all domestic environments, ranging from the bathroom to the living room, from the kitchen to the bedroom, in a kaleidoscopic catalog of proposals able to satisfy all tastes. An expression of freedom that allows you to go out of the box with joy, the color translated into ceramic is expressed in an articulated range of different formats, styles and surface effects which, used with creativity, allow you to create eclectic and sparkling settings. Ranging from the extra-large slab to the size of the brick.

Marble effect tiles: timeless sophistication

The marble effect was confirmed once again this year as one of the hottest trends. Marble-effect porcelain stoneware is elegant, gritty and versatile: a truly special finish that can be polished to a mirror or natural (matt), with expressive veins and in the colors in which this stone is normally found in nature. Much more resistant than natural marble, marble-effect porcelain stoneware, thanks to careful graphic work, reproduces the depth and natural evolution of the original shades and is perfect for those seeking elegance with a touch of modernity. Refined aesthetics, resistance and high versatility for unalterable surfaces that do not fear the passage of time, making all environments elegant and contemporary.

New surfaces for sustainable living

Surfaces that look to the future are not only beautiful to look at, but also sustainable. Several companies presented advanced and technologically advanced solutions at Cersaie 2022 that are made in full respect of the environment.

Sicer’s proposals at Cersaie 2022

Sicer confirms its leadership in the production of materials for ceramic surfaces by renewing its grits and digital glues, thanks to the introduction of innovative eco-green and sustainable formulas, paying particular attention to the environment. Let’s find out together the products presented at Cersaie 2022.


Directly from the GRA DRY-LUX series, Sicer presented EVO DRY-LUX, the new range of transparent grits for dry applications for mirror lapping. Thanks to this exclusive range of grits, it is possible to obtain ultra-bright, transparent, luminous ceramic surfaces that are resistant to chemical agents and abrasive scratches. Among these stands out the marble-effect porcelain stoneware, one of the trends of this 39th edition: resistant, long-lasting, it does not change over time and is easy to clean and washable. A glossy floor enhances the rooms, visually increasing the space, and strikes for brilliance, creating exclusive and design spaces.

Water based glue SCD3001H

SCD3001H is the new water-based digital glue, completely odorless and low-emission, developed by Sicer’s Digital R&D Lab. It is a glue with much longer drying times than normal solvent-based glues, allowing the adhesion of very large quantities of grit even when the timing between the application of glue and the deposition of the grit is lengthened. It is an innovative product, designed with the aim of minimizing harmful emissions into the atmosphere. It allows, in fact, to limit the organic load applied on the tile and burned in the kiln, minimizing the emissions of TOC, aldehydes and odorous substances from ceramic fireplaces.

New GHR technical grits

The technical floor grits and microgrids of the NEW GHR series allow the reproduction of high-quality material effects with high resistance to chemical agents and abrasion, while still ensuring optimal color development of the digital graphics. Thanks to these characteristics, it is possible to create ceramic slabs that perfectly imitate natural stones: surfaces pleasant to the touch and anti-reflective, mirrored marbles even in darker tones. Sicer‘s wide range of technical grits is available in different grain sizes. The different types are miscible according to the specific needs of the customer.

Renewed grits and the new digital glue: the perfect combination to obtain surfaces with natural 3D effect levels

By applying the new EVO DRY-LUX grits or the renewed GHR technical grits on the water-based digital glue SCD3001H, authentic and irregular surfaces of stone or marble can be masterfully reproduced.

By combining the new 3D tech for lapping, it is also possible to obtain an even softer and more subtle finish, typical of surfaces worn by time or foot traffic.

The result of this innovative combination is in fact a very high quality product, characterized by surfaces on various levels, natural and material with an exceptional sensorial value.

DIGITAL-STRUCTURE SDS030 for infinite structures

Another product presented by Sicer at Cersaie 2022 was STRUCTURE, a digital material that allows the customer to create infinite structures (woods, cements, etc.) on ceramic tile with the possibility of matching with digital graphics and colors.

DIGITAL-STRUCTURE SDS030 is a structuring/reserving agent that, digitally applied at the beginning of the glazing line, before or after the glazing, does not allow the materials applied on top to adhere, thus generating material reliefs on the edge. The DIGITAL-STRUCTURE range is dedicated to high resolution anti-reflective surfaces.

DIGITAL-STRUCTURE is available in 2 versions, material or non-material.

• SDS030 Reserving (non-material): 40-50 g / m2

• SDS060 Structuring (material): 80 g / m2

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