Ceramic colors trends for 2021

Our lifestyle habits have been revolutionized by the Covid19 pandemic. Our daily life has been absolutely conditioned: our home and its interiors have become even more important, more than they were previously.

We can already see these changes in the interior design trends for 2021. Interior design is fundamental for our well-being, both mental and physical. The room will in fact be designed more and more with a view to comfort and maximum safety.

This new year will be the celebration of simple raw materials linked to the earth and the use of color to evoke emotions that, unfortunately, we cannot temporarily have outside our home. The best thing is to create an atmosphere that belongs to us and makes us feel good.

Colors for walls and floors 2021

As always, the advice and proposals for interior design will be applied to the rooms of the house and outdoor spaces, as well as to the workplace and hospitality.

The first suggestion for those who are preparing to furnish or renovate their home is to direct themselves towards daily well-being for themselves, the family and guests.

Since we will spend a lot of time in our home, it will be necessary to recreate a relaxing and positive place.
To dominate the color palette of this 2021 there are therefore all those shades that give the environment calm, harmony and tranquility.

From this starting point, the project or the re-looking of the rooms can begin, starting as always with the surfaces or floors and coverings, which help to create the style of the home.

2021 will be a year dominated mainly by neutral color combinations, ideal for intimate and welcoming rooms, combined with brighter and more vibrant shades.
2021 colors for floors and coverings will range from neutral tones to varieties of white, with particular attention to the many shades of green. These colors will have to shine, above all.

White and neutral colors

Neutral colors and white attract with their appeal and their innate brightness. In addition, the white and neutral tones, due to their ease of combination, allow for many contrasts with furnishings and accessories in brighter colors, such as green.


This color is associated with nature, and in this period the need to have contact with the external and natural environment is more than ever fueled by the travel restrictions caused by the pandemic.

Bringing a natural sense of well-being, green is proposed as one of the hottest colors for 2021 surfaces.
Over the seasons there is a range of shades of green: starting from the brightest of spring, to the mature leaves of summer, up to the dark shade of early autumn. These seasonal variations have inspired many covering textures for 2021.

The new trends are especially suitable for technical ceramics, whose link with nature is not limited to the chromatic proposal alone, but also to the material effects of the main covering materials.

The different 2021 color ideas for ceramic surfaces can be put into practice by manufacturers thanks to the fundamental support of the manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials for ceramic companies.
Sicer, one of the main players in the production of products for industrial ceramics and decoration, in fact tries to constantly take care of the excellence and innovation of its proposals, keeping up with the new interior design trends.

The manufacturer and supplier of raw materials for ceramic companies of Ubersetto always tries to achieve the highest quality results both technically and aesthetically.
The technical features of Sicer products are recognized and appreciated for their high level performance in terms of resistance, inalterability, non-absorbency, ease of cleaning and maintenance. They are therefore ideal products for covering many contemporary rooms.

In terms of pure color, the manufacturer and supplier of raw materials for ceramic companies has a wide range of digital inks in its portfolio.

The Sinks are inks approved for the most modern digital machines and guarantee excellent results.
In addition to the traditional inks, Sicer also presents a wide range of special inks, such as, for example, the absolute red SCD088, the yellow SCD018 and the green SCD055 which guarantee an exceptional widening of the color gamut and the achievement of tonal points unimaginable until today with high temperatures.

Furthermore, Sicer recently presented the brand new Custom Series SCD2000 or inks that give the possibility to compose the traditional four-color process by choosing from 4 different combinations according to the specific needs of each customer. With these inks Sicer gives the possibility to get a much wider color gamut, even using only 4 color channels and without having to add any special inks.

All Sicer products, inks, as well as grits and glazes, are perfectly linked to 2021 trends and market needs.
It is possible to visit the Sicer virtual “showroom” to see all the best solutions up close.

Color trends according to Pantone

Pantone confirms that the pandemic has caused important changes in the way we live at home and in everyday life, and also in its report on color trends for next spring-summer has made a reflection on our lifestyle habits.
The trendy colors, which can continue to be used also next autumn, are relaxing and energetic with the aim of improving the mood and cheering us up.

One of the main colors for 2021 chosen by the US company, in addition to ultimate gray and illuminating, is buttercream. It is in line with the 2021 trend choices, namely the use of neutral and white tones.

Buttercream Pantone

Buttercream, “butter cream”, is a preparation used for cakes and cupcakes. It is ivory white, neutral and warm.
This shade is part of the “Core classics” palette, which Pantone has chosen for 2021.
Let’s talk once again about timeless classic colors, usable everywhere, even as a delicate background for other brighter tones.

After so many months spent at home we want to rethink our spaces and start new projects, full of color and creativity.